Saturday, April 30, 2011


I wonder why today's ice-cream melt easily
those who talk to me I feel wanna kill them !
why talk to me while I eat ice-cream ?
the ice-cream melt and my finger.........zzzz

again, yesterday I insomnia again..
my dad was not happy with my attitude.
he thought I just don't want to help him..
and I didn't explain to him
communicate is very important in a family
sometimes I thought I just keep silent  then will happen nothing.
but , they won't understand me if I keep silent always
I just lazy to explain..
and so, there will be many problems....

1 more day I stay in this town..
bye bye
Lol, what emotion I should have ?
luggage haven't keep ready..
many things still haven't buy..
I hope I can bake cake.
the cake bought from outside it just not taste good and uekk

blurring with everything because not enough sleep @.@
have to go..
bye, readers <3

yum yum yum!!

Friday, April 29, 2011


hello, it's a typical friday..
again, I insomnia..
last night I went home..
plan to sleep early but I lying until sun rise :(
what to do..
I really cannot sleep...
I don't sleep in the afternoon..
at last I fall sleep and can't get up on the time I should
I wonder how I pass my college life if continue insomnia..

skip breakfast, lunch and dinner :q
totally no appetite..
ate burger as supper..
2 more days to go..
I have to leave this small little town..

Oh yeah !
today was the day Prince William's royal wedding !!
I've watch the live ceremony from tv.
Kate is pretty .
with her lace gown she look so elegant
wish they will enjoy their life as how the story tells in fairy tales

Today is also Ng Xin's big day !!
her birthday !!
Wish her all the best in her life
she's turning 18 ! faster accept a boy as boyfriend XD
do well on your study ;) also good luck for your coming exam .


It's a kind of suffering if you need to console a people when you're also in bad situation .

Thursday, April 28, 2011

friends :)

today I hang out with friends :D
watch the movie : TRON
I'm late hahahha
meet up zilin teakloon zenren yeechean jason and ....yellow boy
mimi missed the dating hmm...

after movie we went george town for some drinks..
chit chat over there and we went dp ! lol
yeechean go to fetch mimi
zenren jason and the yellow boy cannot join us ..
I drive teak loon's car go to dp
fetch teakloon and zilin hahahha
we saw a gang of boys....wargate kaki ..tsk tsk tsk...
eat dp then went bali bali hai cafe -.-
whole day eat eat eat zzz
we leave there around 9..
and I'm now at home..
later go meet friends again..
hang non stop !!
puas puas hati...
I'm will also accompany ><

insomnia yesterday, later will back to home as earlier as I can :D
good bye ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


today stuck in the house again
late sleep, cannot wake up early in the morning ...
now only I take my brunch..
some spaghetti with tomato paste..
I think this bowl can tahan whole day x)

just now cute mimi called me .
hang out time :D
but is tomorrow, movie :)

next week orientation week already...
and finally I get my car licence !
daddy still afraid to let me drive..

I wanna sleep again zzz
stupid update.....

oh ya ! I've create a email address !
feel free to add me ? :)

the feeling is back ..
that's few years ago but I still...
I think I must find something to do..
or else my life will gone ..
go sleep first..
kiss** bye ~'

Monday, April 25, 2011








Thursday, April 21, 2011

the bridal gown...

my parents shared business with my uncles..
main business is photo shop
and there's also bridal photo studio

since I was small,
I'm in love with those pretty gorgeous bridal gown
I don't understand what's those gown stand for..
I just I want to fit them someday 
I used to wear them but it's too big for a 10 years old girl..
the gown waist was on my buttock 

time flies,
now; I'm a 17 teenage girl ..
dreams grow, things changed........
during these years, I've learnt a lot things..
living rule, personal attitude and more..

And now, I can know a bridal gown is how important for a woman
woman only can wear it once in a life time..
with the one she love..
Irreplaceable .
even thou it's just a simple gown
the gown, the only things lead a girl to become a woman
and also shows that she have to build up her own family
pass her life with the one she love, give birth to a baby, educate their baby, take care of her husband etc..

woman's father will hold her hand, walk into the church and pass her hand to her husband..
woman will be wearing a wedding gown...
he husband will hold her hand and place a ring on her finger
they will make promises infront of god..
there will be lots of relatives to witness them

The gown..
a big changed for a girl..
it's important, unforgettable, precious and sweet .

Girls biggest dream :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


hello hello, here I am to talk...
keep reading or byebye o.o

I wanna tell is about my college life..
get offer letter and gonna do payment soon..
I have found a room to stay..
with a girl..
yesterday I went there to look for room...
1 room for 4 person 
osdf... damn many...
so I choose 2 person in a room..
sorry to 3 girls ..

I have tried many first time with them..
lots memories...
just keep in my heart and it's so great !
unfortunately I didn't take some photos with them 
I ate many meat o.o and many rice ..
a single ice-cream is needed after a meal <3

yesterday I left my parents and stay at friend's house 
and I keep missing my family o.o
wonder how I pass my college life at outside...
can I back to hometown after every class ?
spend most money on eat hehe

gonna prepare stuff to go over the new home..
that owner is quite kind to us
provide many things so that we no need to buy so many stuff 
2 girls wanna decorate their room ! 
I still haven't list out what to buy...
help me if you're free, thank you..

talking about my personality
you can think I'm not a good friend
you can think I'm not a good daughter
you can think I'm not a good sister
you can think I'm not a good grand daughter 
you can think I'm not a good cousin
you can think I'm not a good roommate 
you can think I'm not a good human
Beware of me if you can..
this is a serious warning
but I am who I am
you can try to change me but I may not become what you want me to be..

I must give you a ninety-degree bow because you've read till here :)
thank you very much
and I gotta end up this post..

featuring : ice-cream !!

Don't forget to smile once you view this 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


hello, update again :)
my parents was coming back !! hurray ~!
tomorrow I can rest :D
planning to hang out with friends again :D
omg, sounds naughty daughter ><

I found out my love was missing in facebook T_T
come out please :'(
I miss you !!!!
we have been lost contact weeks ago I think...
a message is needed
but I think I will see you soon...
very soon............

my hair are so naughty !!!!
cannot falls pretty -.-
I've been waiting it to grow longer ...
com'on , be brave ! just grow , I won't cut you baby hair...
have changed my profile picture in facebook :)
I love my hair even it's not tidy

someone to mention,
how about if you're not forever ?
and who is the one who make promise ?
please, don't break your promise...
or else, you can tell me now that you're fooling me...
I won't beat down because of that
because you're just a passer in my sweet life..
be honest, is the most basic attitude in our life..
I know, who never tell lies ?
I admit I did
but please make sure you apologize or the matter is not important..
at least explain is needed..
hmmm, I guess you won't see this...
you, yes, is you ...
I'm waiting.....

wth ?! not you !!! quit this page !!!

this post might be a little too long...
hahaha, thank's for the view
Friendship forever :)
*no photo x)*

featuring: movie^^

Saturday, April 9, 2011

the day without ..

Finally I take my meal normally today..
breakfast- biscuit.
lunch-rice with prawn ; dessert-blackforest cornetto ice-cream
dinner-rice with prawn again lol ; dessert- mc d choco top ice-cream
supper- sushi 

this post, the day without parents ._.
this few days I gonna pass my day with my brothers.
they treat sushi hahahah

where is my parents ?
they went somewhere to relax :)
my mum -.-
she's just like an ant in a hot pot
today she keep remind 3 of us (brothers and me)
remind this and that..
worry we forgot to do this do that ..
I told her : Mum, if you're so worry how about don't go ?
her face.... LOL
just go relax la...haha

back to my sweet dirty messy room..
almost time to sleep..
tomorrow help in shop !

Good night :)

yum yum c:

I'm back !!

opps, again..
I left my blog ''kosong'' for few days..

my day is quite good ..
hang out, eat ? em, some..
and I also meet friends..
fall sick is just like nothing for me
I still eat anything I want to..
last day still went to eat thai food with friends..
I can't face to fish yuck !!
sorry ,it really make me.....
oh yeah ! I ate tom yam :D it's so delicious even I'm sore throat haha

everyday I sleep till auto wake .___.
sorry parents..
and those day I only ate dinner..
one meal solve !
stupid nose ! cannot function ..
jpj jpj jpj jpj jpj jpj jpj
damn nightmare !!
fail again and again....

don't pay your trust to one person
please divide out for many peoples so that you can collect some back..
don't wish to collect all
there might be some peoples will not return for you
just chill, think what's the problem..
and smile .. there will be a good day
maybe you'll surprise out because there's a person to pay you double even triple !
appreciate that human because he/she just like one in a million

endure is what I need to learn !

I don't really know what is the point in this post...
thank's for the view :)
byebye and good night !

flower <3

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's 4th April !!

Today is Fu's birthday
wish her have a happy birthday
all the best for her..
<3 :)

I went JPJ test
I fail :o:

thank you.....

I just wanna post something on Fu's birthday ...

A short update sorry .......

Saturday, April 2, 2011

thank you :)

Thank's for accompany me today 
feel so great...

why are you so free ?
keep running in my mind ..
no space to think other things already ...

your voice so sweet 
your outlook so great
you are so kind-hearted 
you are so awesome !!
for me hahha

today feel so uncomfort..
ate and vomit :o
I thought I will fainted on the road XD

 I was here to say thank you that you trust in me

maybe that's nothing for you, but so meaningful for me...
awwww, sick face -.- 
tonight must recover !!
I want hang out with brothersss !!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool ! :)

Yes, it is !!
April Fool :)
I started fooling around at 12 am hah
some cute friends get cheated ><
their reaction hahah...
some of them so alert, didn't get cheated..

yesterday I went pg with friends..
pass up the college apply form and go look for house...
I gonna pass my days over there for years...
must look a better place to stay..

after settle down, we went to megamall to walk around..
I get 2 clothes after we reach within 30 minutes hah..
the shoes hurt my leg :(
we went to eat our dinner after megamall
ended up my day with 2 girls and her dad :D

my day was so great..
wake up-eat-sleep-wake up-eat-sleep.......

thank's for follow up :)
it's about to end

Love are everywhere ~~*