Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yes, is him ! ♥

I have a boyfriend !!!!
I wanna tell the world loudly but there are just too many things to be consider..
I don't even tell my family about his existence.
Here is the only place I can be the real me.
No fake masks, no fake feeling.

Thank's God for let me get together with him.
I've been single for a long period of time.
Emm,should say that I never feel so in love together with a guy haha
His appearance never make me think of we both will be together.
He show up like a normal friend.
He is way too shy to talk with us girls.
He is not that kind flirty guy.
By observing his personality, I serious think that he is a good guy XD
But during that time, we girls just simply talk this behind.
And I seriously never thought I gonna spend my days with this guy since he's not my type at all.
Really.. I never imagine my boyfriend would be a person like him.
I mean outlook.
But then his personality really makes me love him so much.
He is a cute, lovely, considerate, stupid boy.

I can still clearly remember how he pursue me at that night ><
He was way too shy to speak it out.
I don't know weather he felt afraid or what.
The way he pursue is really cute like small kid haha
I will not forget that.

And also..
I will never forget how he disappoint me that night.
Maybe I should let go that fklcing memory and live my life happily.
kay... I'll skip this part haha
By the way, the way he apologize is so warm
He sent me a long long message to apologize and also a poem
Hahaha ! Yes, poem !
Poem that think by him he said.
I simply feel insecure because he just broke up with his girlfriend 5months ago and that girl is still into him.
But he did a lot of things to comfort me.
This warm my heart..

I'm just a simple girl that require simple yet fulfilling life.
He gave me the sense of belonging and the feeling of love.
It's just a short period then I have so many things to talk about him haha
I will records down my love story with him in this blog :)

He accidentally told me that before we get together, he used to wait for me online in late night
Haha, I never thought that he would wait for me to online.
During that time, I was facing insomnia quite a long period of time.
Every night when I online I will see him online but I will not talk to him first
He is the one who open up the chat box and talk to me.
and I thought he was just too boring and find no one to talk to him
We almost chat until the sun rises only go to bed everyday
He is a good companion all night long.
I feel so loved when I know this.

Well, here to upload some picture of him and me
Here we start our love journey!!

The 'incorporate' him -.-

He is just like a child haha

I think this is our first photo taken together lol

Feel so bad that we don't took much photos since we're not photo addiction ><
Wish our relationship long lasting ♥