Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's the 7th days jozen not here...
miss her !!!!
yesterday I met joycelyn, laven and qi :)
so surprise when see them ><
went  to mc d a little while and they back

fews days ago I went to breakfast with family
I saw zilin there...
after breakfast ngxin invite me to have lunch..
I'm so happy since didn't meet them up so many days...

I always told myself :
before I know how to love my family,my friends and myself
I won't start any relationship with a boy..
If I don't love my family I'm not qualify to fall in love with any boy .
trying to understanding older one
be patience to younger one..
we need spend more time with family..
shows them our loves ...
apologize if you had shows your anger to them..
they're innocent
they might be your listener when you need somebody beside you .

I've met up my beloved grandma last night..
she fed me, put clothes on me.....
yea ! she grow me up...
when thinking all about her and me, my eye sight become blur ..
she teaches me many many living rule
I know she love me much !
I gave her a big hug before I leave *tears*
after I get my car licence she will be my first passenger !!

okay, stop here...
this post quite long ><
hope you guys enjoy my blog ;)

don't laugh at my drawing skill please ._.

just receive xin's message TT
result release on the end of march la !!
impatient ...........

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's too bad, but I won't upset !
hng !!!
don't try to hurt me !
 YOU go to hell :P
hate you .

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

oops !!

yesterday night my home ran out of electric supply
sounds bad !
I'm just reach my sweet home
wanna take a bath but no electric !!!!
so I ask some candle from mama
I lighted up the candle while bathing...
bath carefully so that won't watered the candle
it was so tiny TT
looked on the candle keep burn...
that make me speed up my bathing time...
it's a kind romantic XD
after bath I went to walk my  'taman' with my brothers and jiejie
the sky !!! was amazing nice !!!
I've never seen a sky so nice before...
in the dark sky there's a lots of stars shining glittering !
I feel I'm in love hahha
whole taman turn so dark...
some of them choose to hang around with their car
our car in home...cannot hang anywhere....
even out for a walk also climb from gate
that was my first time to climb gate lol
I feel so tired..
and I climb back home to sleep..
few minutes later, electric supply come -.-
why don't I wait few more minutes ?
so that I no need to climb gate !!!!!!!!!
pity the candle....

and today I went car practice..
someone, seriously I want to say sorry to you..
hope you see it...
and now off to class !
bye biubo :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm here to blogging again...
welcome to my blog and thank's for view it !
appreciate every one of you !

Today I've went phonetics class .
it was fun !
and it was the last chapter of the book...
I enjoy it...
teacher talk jokes, teach us lots...
I can't imagine the life without classes...
make me so sad even just thinking...
and I don't think I can leave my friends

I ate char koey diao as breakfast
sundae ice-cream cornetto as lunch
rojak for tea-time
and sundae ice-cream cornetto for dinner !
it's great !!
and I gonna go for pengbak ^^

bye loves ~

Monday, February 21, 2011


hello everybody,
Imma so boring over here....
nowhere I can go....
I've been days didn't meet up my hang out kaki
and babes missing !!
I think I must paste some wanted poster all over the street..

It's not a big deal........
that .......
I think I can handle it...
won't faint...
I used to expect it but now....
also expect la...

sorry about those nonsense matter...
I just want to spread it out....

yesterday I insomnia
so I went downstair to chat with dad
I asked my dad
the dialogue below...
me : Dad, does this earth will end in 2012 ?
dad : no la, don't believe it..
me : why not ? weather turn so hot...I've read some newspaper and saw many earth living thing dying a lot a lot .... it seems like true !
dad : no la....all nonsense 
me : ....................
hahah, today's post keep talking about nonsense.....

no hang out = no photos :x

Saturday, February 19, 2011

男生 -.-


go long piak !!!!!

jozen gonna leave  here 20th in 3 am
I will miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahahhaha !!
worst drawing ever :p

Friday, February 18, 2011

chap gor meh...

sorry, I know it's yesterday..
I went river side with daddy
also is  my daddy's birthday ..
we watch the fireworks !
not bad...
enjoy fireworks and look how they put the hot air balloon 
we eat while walk....
eat ''muachi'' ^^
after muachi I ask my dad to eat ''chee cheong fun'' with me
sorry I know I ate too much :p

and something about today 
we went to play kites again...
I  combined 2 rope together hahhah
but accident happen TT
my kite fly away because I'm too careless
or maybe stupid ?
I thought a red brick could help me hold on my kite
but unfortunately ...................
but then kaevin help me carry back from somewhere...
hahaha...thank you....
after play kites we went tesco
ice-cream then go peng bak !
now very full ><
have a wonderful day...

buddies go to play other game...
byebye XD

this is the paddy field !!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today was my daddy's birthday...
bro, any cakes ? :x
I Love You ><

grow up already,
make me so shy to express what I want to tell
even hold hand I also no dare zzz
who can save me ?
I pass my days with girls happily !
but some of them lose contact :(
so sad

yesterday I went shopping with lian and jozen
get a cute top and a comfort trousers
and it only cost not over Rm 50 !!
it can't satisfy me..
after shop with them I back to meet up my parents
they bring me to shop again ><
so great !!
I get 2 polo t and a long sleeve top
finally I satisfy :)
we went to pack curry noodles before we back to home 
I didn't eat noodles..
just add some ingredient and it taste great ><

enjoyed every single moment !
love !!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's day !!

yes !
we hang out again hahahha
yesterday went to play kite and ride boat !
It's been a long while I didn't play kite..
I'm so touching and enjoy XD

tell you , this was the best ever valentine I've pass <3
with buddies LOL
so great day !!!
here 's some photos *peace*

That's me !


jia missing ?!

sunny day :)


night at banglow...

 we spending our valentine's day together..
love spreading.. ^^
end up so sweet~

Friday, February 11, 2011

ha ha ha ha hang out ! :D

I'm so sorry my beloved blog readers !
I make a stupid promise..
what promise ?! (just wait for photos) XD
sorry with it..

Chinese New Year !
it's a good reason to hang out !!
how can I missed those ha ha ha ha hang out .
we spend our time together .
that was fun
and some of 'ns' friends were going back .....
nevermind !!! when result release they will be here
hahahaa I'm very expecting my result
even not nice also nevermind :)
I just want faster start my college life 
It's too boring now.........

recently lian become ''vegetarian'' already
good girl :)
ah girl are ''meatarian'' HAHAHAHHAHA
she teach me one..
I love ''vegetables'' and I only eat 1 type ''meat'' ;p
teheeeee... some photos here ...

ah fu nih ?

days ago.....

guys, you know what ?!
I used to take bus before and yesterday I'm late
so I take taxi....
bus only cost 80 cents to reach xx
but I paid RM 8 to reach there by taxi hahaah
10 times of bus fee
so i gonna claim from my dad..
he's not free to fetch me ><

yesterday went girl's home and lian's home...
we have fun :)
I can't forget what ah girl ask me
she ask : it's been a long time I didn't feel so happy, should I drop tears ? LOL
girls rock !!!!! stay tuned ;)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


hello, baby !
I'm here to wish you all Happy Chinese New Year
all the best in a new prosperity year !

gonna have a trip with my Seow's family !!!
just wait for photos :)
and my buddies !!!
hang out laaa please~
wait you guy's call after saturday :)
date me date me :)

byebye no photos !!! :p

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

huh ?!

does this work ?

wao, even it's work I also don't want .

Imma sad  ? 
don't want tell you !

girls always like this :p