Tuesday, September 29, 2009

complicate mood now...

i miss you...
i miss.....
i can't stop thinking of you...
why i'm so blinded
i feel i'm so stupid..like you always said..
helll...my phone spoil..bring to repair now..
my head..bomb!!!
i'm confuse something..
why you treat me so good?
why that day you ..................
how can you do that to me if you're not single
hope that you're not hurting a girl..or..many girls..
i love you the way you are
is't that love?
i can't define it
i have a group of nice friends support me..
i'll try to make myself happy..
but you treat me much more better i'll become crazy..
i'm not joking..
i choose you?
maybe i cannot do that
but i'm secretly fall in for you..
although i know you not very long time...
but i can tell my friends our story for whole day..
even just a small part that's not important at all...
i also care..
what i care?
i care you........truely from my heart!!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

what a nice morning..ugly afternoon...

today our english teacher play music in our class
the classic one : my heart will go on~
celine dion
love it
i love my class and my teacher
she's nice
treat us very nice..
she really is a nice teacher
she will teach us patiently,no scold,no beat.
i love her
sometimes she will over acting but it's funny..
i enjoy english period
love love love..
i work at last friday and saturday..
special experience,do sales in hot day
but also can shopping,haha,nice job
i have a perfect family
although mum sometimes will beat me or scold me..
i love my family..
i love my life
afternoon ==
i hate...don't know why..
i very hate...hate dieee~

Monday, September 7, 2009

school day ==

today ah fu no go school
quite bored..
math sir...==aihhhh
when sejarah i don't know how to do leh...
teacher give me direction...yay!!!!
no time to blogging continue tomorrow