Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Goal to Achieve !

After view several thinspiration website,
I decide wanna find back the 47 kg me in at least in 2 months time!

These years, I keep gaining weight and I just ignore that..
I always find myself an excuses to keep fattening...
so bad..
I think I will be success if I insist for a little long time.. just a little more long time..

About last month post..
I've said that I wanna quit to go club and I did it !
This makes me believe that I can do anything if I insist !!
Now I don't really think want to go to club even my friends invited me.
Somehow, I will not be used to it when the beginning of quitting..
Slowly... I will forget about it and not feeling want to go again..

Well, I gonna plan a diet plan for myself
Here's are several rules I must follow in the following month..

Firstly, I wanna quit all fast food including my favourite McDonald :(
sounds sad right..
but I have to do so...
In the process of slimming I will sometimes buy myself a set of fast food to encourage myself when there's a little lose weight
but this will cause myself gaining back and sometimes even more weight I put on..
After that, it's again a hard & long journey to go on..
Over and over again, I repeating those steps and I'm tiring with it!!!

Secondly, strictly no supper !!!
no matter how less I eat in day time, I must quit supper !
every time I keep think that but didn't action
this is my defeat point.. always say more than do....
I gonna be much more strict on this!!

Thirdly, non junk food lifestyle.
once in two weeks is acceptable right?
argghhhh, I try to make it once in a month
goshhh, or I try not to touch it until I success!!!!!!
rawrrr T.T
I must success!!!
I wanna tuck in that shorts!!!! I wanna own sexy legs !

Fourth, be as lazier as I can.
this is my personal way to slim down haha
I've tried to lay on my bed for whole day long and ate only one mini swissroll and several cups of water
I admit this is not a healthy way to diet but I enjoy that
I sleep for whole day long and not thinking of hunger
only a week, my friends said that I'm getting thinner
but then I spoil my plan with eating lots with them TT
the funniest part of this way is : The fastest you slim, the fastest you gain if uncontrollable LOL
Based on my knowledge, the starting of weight losing you still have to remain for a little time until your body is remain the weight for few months is more appropriate..
but still, buffet or what is not allow up to 2 times in a month.

Fifth, get rid of all seducing good food or else be controllable !
hmm, I will plan myself a trip each semester break.
you know, college life is kinda boring and have to concentrate on study..
what if I don't plan for a vacation during semester break and I go to next semester again?
I think I will be lifeless........
no motivation to go to final exam
and yeah, a vacation to a different place, we must try out all the food that we don't have in our land.
that will cause gaining weight no doubt!
try to share it with friends or keep it if it can be kept.
it's sad that cannot try out the local food during a vacation..
that makes a vacation lost it's meaning..
or the worst decision is strict myself again after the vacation.
this time must be even strictly !!

Ahhhh, be like this first la
Please !! Must insist !!!!!
Bear in mind the bad consequences of over eat!!
Peoples, please share food with me to makes my plan success :D
Million thanks to you !

I hate to get interrupt during I am updating my blog..
sometimes I'll get back and forget what's in my thought at start
Sometimes it is a super amazing sentences that I can think of.
and I just forget it like this.... zzz

haha, again a long post...
End up here!!
Happy reading, readers.

*I guess no one have so much patience to read until here :p*