Friday, December 28, 2012

Worst month ever..

In conclusion, December is the worst month ever for me.
Keep happen bad things
I was like cbujsifbuksjdfskirfua.lwogaweigbel.

so many bad things happen at once I feel like kanasai
I hope 2013 will be a brand new better year for me

Thank's God I still have my family and him
If not I think I really will suicide.

Having final exam right now
Hope I can get nice results.
That's all I require until now.
I really can't relax
all my money gone like that
I curse that thief forever cannot pass his or her exam and forever alone.
Fuck you thief !! Go to hell !!!

That's all for this post.
Have a great day people.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My last weekend..

Hmm, I starting to skip classes from last Tuesday.
So I don't really know today is what day haha

Owh, I did had an awesome weekend last week but not this week.
Friday, a typical sleep until auto wake day.
After bf back from class we enjoy our time together
and late night he cook me dinner
I feel so loved.

Saturday, another day without alarm noise..
We both cuddling until afternoon then we wake.
We wake up to bath and start our cooking game
The ingredient we've bought few days ago
Cooking together is fun but we also had some different view on cooking
Argue argue then tolerant then come out variety nice dishes hahaaha
he wash all the dirty dishes after the meal
and after that we enjoy movie together and fall sleep together...
baby, i love you.

Sunday, an excited day.
I've been waiting for so long for a party
and tonight is Gaby's birthday
We gonna party hard :D
Music, Liquor, Cakes, Foods and Peoples !
bf wake up in the morning to attend a speech
then when I wake he is about to take nap since he didn't get enough sleep last night.
then I started to prepare meal for him.
I'm just like a wife -.-
prepare meal for him before go out to party
but I'm happy to do that haha
after done prepare meals for him I dress up myself and prepare to party
I did have a great night and I stay at outside
bf sounds ok with that but in fact he's not :x
he make complaints on the coming days
I feel like 'duhhhh, I thought you don't mind'
but I didn't speak out and he keep ask me to apologize yet I refuse to do so.
at last, I win :D
Gaby's Birthday group photo

babe zilin with me 

Continue skipped class on the next week and I come back to my hometown on Wednesday.
oh, not to remind
We have been together for two months
In this two months, argument & happiness never stop flowing.
I feel I loving him more day by day, rely on him more and more.

Final exam is around the corner.
I can't feel exam
I can only feel holiday, shopping, foods and vacation :D
I can't wait to go vacation with him!
That will be the first time we go vacation together whuhooo!
I'm excited !

Everything is awesome with the right person.
I love you once again baby :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Here's some crap about my day.

Sometimes I just can't understand....
Am I really not caring or you always thought I'm not willing to help
Please know, I have my things to do too..
It's not only playing around kay..
please let me have my time.
even is weekend I always have my tasks to do.
tests keep coming....
and I want some entertainment
I nearly have no social life you know?
Why you never understand?

I take time to think at night.
I used to think that silence is the best way to solve problems
but then I start to realize it is not.
At certain time we should voice up for what we think
Since I always keep silence, my boyfriend wouldn't know what am I thinking.
So, he keep doing things I don't like him to do until I tell him.
By the way, he is quite good to me.
He will always listen to me, just... I don't feel like talking hah
Whether I am wrong or him, he will apologize to me at the end.
Sometimes he is just too straight-forward
He don't think a lot.
When I tell him I'm ok with that even I'm not, he will think that I'm ok and keep doing -.-
He don't understand woman language.
Ok means Not Ok !
Get it? I guess he will never see this lol
When we both keep silent, my mind spin around to think what's in his mind.
I don't enjoy the feeling because we're not only not talking to each other, we don't even give a smiley face or eye contact hmmm..
so if I'm in good mood, I'll start to speak up.
Then things will go on beautifully ;)
I will even doubt to his feeling to me and start thinking bullshit
I will thought that he is not so into me, I am not good for him, he feel bored with me, he's thinking another girl etc..
I will keep thinking negative until I cry
It's stupid but I always do so.
but what he always do is show me how much he love me yet I feel not enough :p
I'm just a little too greedy

Today's mood is neutral.
I nearly had an argument with parents this morning.
I've sold a phone after that and this made my day.

Haha, should end up this long crap here.
Bye readers ♥