Friday, February 24, 2012

A typical Thursday..

As usual, I went to college and I had a small quiz
Stupid me make a little mistake, I hope it doesn't matter :p
then, rush back to hostel to continue with my last minute assignment
stupid me...
I hang out before I finish my assignment, omg.
how brave am I !
I ate an ice-cream and a subway there.
Starbucks drinks will be my choice.
other than that, I didn't buy anything.
ah~! I did something special too.
still can't say out at here, worry the surprise will become no fun
after I get back hostel from Gurney, I rush my assignment like crazy one hahah
and finally I finished it !! :D
After the assignment I really feels relax~
so love that kind of feeling
I am sleepy right now, so the post is a little messy  :p
good night baby *love*

photos in memories ^^

simply upload ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Be smart !

I think I take it over serious
doesn't matter, just smile and face it
I am very easy to get influence and I will over-relied on a person
I knew it is a bad habit but I just can't take it over.
Thank you for giving out these

Daddy take his flight this morning to another land..
I come back from Penang and I face to him not even half day zz
Next week I will not coming back la....
why?! why ?! why ?!

I ever think about my future..
a lovely partner; a small but warm house; a little pet dog; and maybe a few children ?
hahaha, I'm dreaming..
I guess that is also everyone's dream,some even bigger..
No ones can predict future :(
sad case, but luckily we can discover one by one..
Surprises in life will never end.
Peoples in life, thank you and I love you sincerely
I don't wish to hurt people but why ..? Why you hurt me?
I will grow tougher and stand stable after the storm
I will try not to be so reliable :)
Sorry for the trouble, I wish you see this, my robot ♥
once mine forever mine.

The wave comes up and the love will fade....

Saturday, February 18, 2012


An interesting week I had..
I get to know a new friend, he is good to me.
it's been a long while I didn't feels like get caring by others except family..
hmm, I guess you know what I'm trying to tell
I just don't like to be so obvious..
Let's observe....

Yesterday I went to Red-Box with my classmates
6 girls went and we met another 3 boys classmates  LOL
such a coincident...
After enjoy singing with them, I went back hostel and fall asleep directly
When I wake up, I was trying to do my tutorial work..
End up, I went dinner with my housemate's classmates
It's a good try !

oh yea, talk about how I spend my Valentine's day..
I spend with a group of pretty girls, we have fun :)
I love them, a group of new friends.
That night we were crazy hahaha
what a memorable Valentine's
I still remember last year I also spend with a group of friends
but there are boys included.

Just now I went to a friend's farewell party
it end up so awkward :(
so sorry about that.......
see you again pal !
Bon Voyage.........................................................

Here are some photos to share ♥

with this stupid babe ;)

the boys on yesterday night.

the girls on yesterday night, all pretty included me XD

took on Valentine's day

also took on Valentine's day :)

I wonder should I continue waiting ?
It is nearly 3 am
am I get fooled ? -o-
I think I should go to bed zzz
Goodbye readers.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday :)

After  one week classes, I think I can follow up well.
yay :D

Last Saturday I went a bar
Hang until middle of the night only I go home.
My dad was standing right of the door and waiting me
I felt so guilty about that..
he said I was crazy, went back home at middle of the night.
I am a bad daughter :(

A late Birthday post.
I went with bare hand *(-'.'-)*
Wish him a very Happy Birthday

Today I feels xx :)

with bii lin 

The Birthday boy :)

hihi <3 wo ai ni o

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Third Semester

Hi, it's third semester now
it just a short sem, very expect what I will learn in this semester!

Time flies and I can't catch it up.
My chinese new year just past like this ._.
seems like nothing special and I waste one month..
one month sem break I did nothing meaningful

Today I had cleaned up my hostel :D
I love it after cleaned up

hmm, recently have nothing to update.
stop here..
I wanna work harder in this semester !!

some pitcha to share ;)

captured in Chinese New Year :)

I like this one very much ! edited by babe lian ♥