Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today I'm ):
don't know what to say...
I miss ya

offline !!!!!!

Today's featuring : Computer whole day !!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I already change :D

last last last time,I've said that : Always & never Change
but now I change
change to xxx xxxx xxxxx

yesterday go watch movie with my babes
babelian,babeli and babe jia
we watched The Karate Kid
the movie take time 2 hours and more.
In the cinema,we cold till don't know describe.
we enjoy what we having

after movie,daddy come to fetch me
and we go old delight to have our dinner
we watched the football match and eat over there
when night..we back home
my cousin and my brother's friend came our house to watch football match
and I was enjoying my drama alone
no one accompany me..

at last..
I watched the football brazil vs north korea
that one..tudiaaa
last minute let north korea goal.
result : 2-1
not bad.

I sleep at 5 morning,now I feel pening @.@

Today's featuring : pening pening XD

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot !!!

aircon work fail ):
damn me !!
hot till headache..
I always play computer whole day..
play till headache LOL

Yesterday I have a talk with papa
don't know why,I suddenly say chim chim word LOL
I said : Everyone were enjoying their life in different way,no one are repeated.If they were,then their life would be so meaningless XDD

sien lorrrrrr
end up here la...

Today's featuring : pinky pinky nails <3

Friday, June 4, 2010

4th June 2010

I'm just passing my day infront computer..
Seems like so many one have a nice day..
but me....
staring at computer and gaming,and doing nothing..

Sometimes I really feel Facebook are so boring..

Planning to have some movie with daddy and mummy...
don't know have ticket or not.....
I miss my friends!
miss the moment we hanging around
wish to spend my night with you guys!

Today featuring : NyamNyam (a kind of chocolate eat with small chips )love it

Thursday, June 3, 2010

sorry to my blog

Hey,I almost forget I own a blog ><
sorry my baby blog *sayang*

Finally,exam is finished !!
I'm so happy...
Holiday for 2 weeks leh..
what to do?
I think it's impossible..

Boring leh..
Anyone hang out can invite me ><
I'm really bored!!!!!!!!!!

<3 my blog reader ;)