Monday, January 31, 2011


why so few things to update ?
I was sick last 2 days .
keep vomit and sleep
after feel better I hang out with friends terus !!
hahahah !!
after the night
I too energetic cannot sleep whole night zzz
watch cartoon and laugh alone,poor me
stupid me
and sleep too much during sick .

now , wanna prepare to go elementary conversation class ;)
see y'all ! babes
Have a great day to coming chinese new year .
bye ~

hate flies !!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


wow, sorry for didn't update my blog for a long while
I'm just lazy to update ...
here I come to tell my days :)

last week Tuesday
I went Thailand Hat Yai with papa mama and brother
It was fun !
all the people I met there were so friendly
I wish to go there again.
daddy treat us shark fin and bird nest
I know we shouldn't eat shark fin
but I just wanna try >< sorry
after the meal we sit at roadside enjoy the coconut drinks
it's too great ! I love coconut !!!
and I also ate the famous sticky rice with mango
they pour some coconut milk on top mmmm~
great day I have over there and come back with satisfy,happy mood :)

the next day I hang out with buddies :D
I love them
in the morning I went to return my text books .
finally I return it !!!! *proud*
but I lost some of it ><
that day we went 2 shopping center
1) Tesco
2) Alor Star mall
Donut great !!! and green tea latte :)

Thursday I went penang !
bahahaha ....
what a great week !
went there eat and shopping
get some clothes over there but I missed a watch..
gonna go back and get it ;o
at night daddy bring us go eat seafood
eat till I want vomit, very geli TT

yesterday I went pacific
trying to get more clothes
but I met many human and keep chatting
didn't bought anything at last hahahahhahahaha

now Imma very free so I bloging :)
end this post with a chinese sentence


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pass a day like this ....

This morning went phonetics class
everyone got a nickname from buffalo ><
I'm zebra
because I wear black and white strips blouse zz
lianlian is beijing hongkong
because she have an eastern look ? hahahah
zhenzhen is miss lim
I don't know why teacher named her that way
linlin is pinky pinky
because she wear pink clothes today LOL
most cute is you already fufu xD
wonder girl bahahahha!!!
cause last time she wore a shirt got some letters
"a sense of wonder" ?
I forgot
just because that she's named as wonder girl hahah

after the class linlin bye bye~
lianlian, fufu, zhenzhen and me go for their brunch at old town
gossip a lot over there >< 
lots of fun !!!
zhenzhen go meet her mama
fufu and me sent lianlian back home
and we went the scary place
fufu bought something and chit chat with qiqi and rinrin
then fufu back
I online a while rush to car practice again
damn hot weather TT

I'm online after car practice hahahhahah !!!
waiting babies come and meet me
they give me a suprise ! -- icy cream :D
it's been a long while I didn't eat ice cream
I forgot the way to lick it XD

we wanna go DP !!!! wheeeeee~~~
try to back home as early as I can :)
mwahx , love you baby !

baby, you know I do ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


this morning wake up, I went shop with family..
online till afternoon hang out with fu and her mama ;)
we went pacific hyper market..
go there just like schooling..
saw many keat hwa's ex-student

after that, go peng bak :D
fufu zhenzhen and I
nom nom nom !!!
planning go night market but daddy don't allow zzz
ki siao ><

so I'm online again ;o
very full >< eat eat eat...
next time hang out again ya babes <3

Thursday, January 13, 2011


what happen to me ?
last night so rude ZZZZ
hate myself being like that
so embarrassing ;o

this morning I wake up at 5 sleep back..wake at 7 again..
then lie on bed till.....8 something..
wake up go bath go class !
go writing class train essay skills..

after class, help daddy look after shop again ...
I'm here just listening to music ,blogging and chatting with friends ..

what surprise for today ?
I'm expecting ;)
have a great day my blog readers !


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The day with friends

again, in the morning..
I had a piece of cake and a cup of hot green tea as my breakfast
I woke up by __________ in this morning 

planning go to eat breakfast with my parents but they cannot wake up....
they're so tired...poor...

I went english phonetics class with lian this morning..
it was fun !! I would like to go again and again
tomorrow wanna go writting class...
when I finish my course I may talk in professional way XD
after the lesson,friend pick me and lian go movie
It's scary and not bad laa hahaha
before the movie we went to fill our stomach
I order powerpuff girls and a cup of hot cocoa
powerpuff girls is kid set but why so many pieces of fries and nugget ??
it totally fill up my stomach and I no need eat anything for dinner
actually I  want to stick with friends whole day...
but..seems like so bad to leave parents whole day long so I decide to get back to shop
thank my friend that pick me and those enjoying with me !!

aeiou ! see ya !

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my soul talking ...

This morning I ate cereal and milk to start my day .
before heading out I make myself a bottle of green tea...
hope this bottle of green tea can bright up my day .

since yesterday..
there are 3 person running in my mind...
I'm thinking of ....
I don't know how to express...
3 person of this...all babes !!!

I think I'm too free ,always thinking many stupid question .
before I sleep I think, after wake up I think again zzz
sometimes, my phone stay silent I'll feel better
I'm not asking you to stop contact me
but don't always if you didn't mean it :)

well , I would like to say something very serious here !!
I'm on diet ! seriously on diet !!!!! Don't ever call me fatty , elephant anymore !!
so hurt....

I'll eat this way ..

Don't want to be like this ...

Eat more vegetables in my daily food 

of course !! no diet pills allow  !

cut off the last row of food pyramid !

It's so true LOL

Sunday, January 9, 2011

what a LOL ?!

I'm lazy to put on anything on my face today..
even my spec too LOL
because of  I didn't wear spec,
I make a lot funny stupid incident ><

In the morning there's no problem but nearly night ....
my eyesight problems come....

I almost fall down -o- because didn't see the unbalance road

I saw an uncle, he's a malay .
when I saw him ! I get shock deeply !!
I almost shout on the road LOL
what I saw you guess ><
I thought his head missing HAHAHHAA
why I'll thought that ?
because that uncle was looking at the sky ;o
with my blur eyesight I thought his head missing zzz
I pull my dad's arm hardly and he laugh me
why am I so funny ??????!!!

recently feel interest with a phone
tadang ~ !!

so nice right ?
click here to check out more .
I'm totally in love with it .
wanna get it by myself ><

I met my babe lian today :)
we went to language center together and understand our english level .
after that we went to get college's information for our further  studies :D
I guess I get my direction :) yay !!
all my blog readers , love you ;)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

owhh ;o

What's going on ?
why I felt so unlucky today ?
am I sick ?

yesterday was a wonderful day for me..
but it passed~~

ish !!
 wake up !!!!! ;o

Friday, January 7, 2011

美好的一天 :D

我们去吃点心 !


跑去商场血拼!! 哈哈
人潮不少,还好我们早到 ^^

感谢父母给于一切 :)






Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year

feel so upset
you guys....
why leave here TT
I will miss you all very very much !

yesterday I pass with bunch of buddies
but my babes not with me
no photos ?!
sorry about that
too enjoy until forgot took photo

I seriously miss you guys !!!!
come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!