Friday, June 29, 2012

recent me.

Hi all.
it's been a long while I didn't update my blog

these days quite good ;)
social well but study not so well.
I gotta work hard on study
Guess what?!
I get ZERO marks for my midterm over 20 marks
I was like...........................HAHAHA KILL ME PLEASE

learnt to be more stronger to stand alone.
I used to rely on peoples around me very much
but then, when I find no one to let me rely on
I learn to be independent
before this, I thought I was already strong enough to handle any hard time in life
hmm, maybe this is another stage of growing up..

Realize that no body is suppose to be good with you
if you want others to be good with you, you also have to be good with others
I believe in karma
treat as you want to be treated back

ok la.. ending post...
just a lil update about me.
thank's for viewing.
Good night.