Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

It's dragon year this year
I love Chinese New Year so much :D
we got many things during Chinese New Year
we got new clothes
we got new shoes
we got red packet
we got reunion
we got gathering
we got traditional
the greatest one is  we got HOLIDAYS
this is why I love it

babe zilin and me were so happening
even thou both of us are sick, we still headed to Penang
I got few new stuff over there
satisfied :)

I am suffering in sore throat and mc
I hope I can get well today, now !!

well, this is just a short update.
thank's for view this :)
Wish all my readers have a prosperous year !!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm just bored

it's boring....
again a day at shop...alone ._.
sounds pity...
but I'm going to enjoy the day after today
tomorrow I'll meet up my old friends and saturday will hang out with my girls to shopping
Chinese new year is there , but we still can't stop shopping lol
girls got a lot of stuff to buy ;D

when I'm free, there's many things run in my mind
some of it were good, but some of it not.
a sentence comes to my mind:
If you think you are good enough, you will never have to explain to others.
Others that don't know well about you.
sometimes I will worry how people talk about me and think about me.
maybe I'm bad
maybe I'm good
maybe I'm fake
maybe I'm true
maybe I'm evil
maybe I'm angel
maybe maybe maybe!!!
There are too many maybe that I can't think of.
So, live it; love it :)

no one gonna hurt you as long as you don't care.
love back the person more who love you.
because love makes world wonderful 

I'm sick :(
lost sound...
everyone please take care..
good bye.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A typical Tuesday..

These days I really enjoy myself much in my hometown
Hang out with family
Hang out with friends
Sleep in the same bedroom with parents
and the most happy one is my brother 'bancuh' me a cup of milo oat :D
I was so surprise that he will do that *flying*

I'm continue my diet plan..
if can't slim down also never mind as long as don't gain weight
I don't want to be the fattest around friends :O

I'm talkative
I love it when a gang of friends gather together
This is a great season for us to plan for gathering because many friends are coming back from different states to celebrate Chinese New Year
I love Chinese New Year
It brings all people together
and also the time before Chinese New Year
I will shop like a shopaholic with daddy companion
He is a good adviser, always give opinion on the clothes that I choose.
but mama don't do so, she keep ask me to hurry up
Mama, I wonder why you always so rush while shopping ?!

Last post promise to post some photo TT
but I don't have photo la....
this webcam ...........................

retarded face with weird fringe :X

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I miss you :)

I miss you.

I did clean up my room yesterday :D
it looks like a new one now.
I'm so in love with it ><
mama will help me to do some.

By clear out so many old stuff, I also found my memories inside.
it records my childhood, teenage life..
I wish I could always stay 18
I don't wanna grow up..
18 is the most wonderful year in life.
I have companion of family and buddies
we play hard, study hard.
study hard is only when final exam is coming on the next week

I've change the position of my cupboard.
since I have not enough place to keep my clothes, parents offer me another one.
and now I started to feel it's not enough again....
this year, I bought a lot of singlet and dresses
T-shirt ? Only have three pieces :(
I gonna get more for this coming Chinese new year
Tomorrow I will go vacation with my parents
only my parents and me :D

slim down plan fail laaaaaaaaaa
last night I was insomnia..
felt too hungry to sleep so I wake up to eat TT
WTH !! eat in the midnight 4 am
no wonder I so fat T^T

I have no recent photo :x
cut my fringe last week, it still look weird for me.
will upload some photo for next post ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

hi, 2012 :)

A blink on eye, we have to say good bye to year 2011
Good bye to the old me.
In 2011, I believe I'd changed.

Step in the brand new year, I think I have to:
Change my blog skin
Change my study attitude
Change my....maybe outlook?
I wanna make a wishlist.
I wish I can do it all in 2012

Lemme think what I can do in 2012....
grow my saving account
study harder
keep body fit (I think this is difficult for me, but I will try ><)
make my social group bigger
bf? best friend/ boyfriend :S

I will list some inside my heart
work hard and pray hard for reaching my dreams.
I nearly forget about my blog LOL
actually I was busy with my final exam.
and now, it's over :D

nothing more to update.
good bye ._.