Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hi to him :)

It's 13th October today.
I'm blogging for the few days before, which is my birthday.

I enjoy my birthday this year
no big celebration, just friends play together
I got some present from few friends :)
and those present makes me feel sweet to the core of my heart
they are so cute
but the things I don't like is I went to club
I don't know how to say
as an unimportant person, I shouldn't have so much feeling
that night, he hug me tight until I can feel the pain
that was the first time I can feel I am needed by a person.
I don't know whether I am a sparetyre or what..
I ...

There are too many things to be considerate..
it's not only you and I
I have to think for so long so far
I'm confused

stop here...
I have no idea how to continue this shit