Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Recently, I've been taking some time to think about myself.
What matter do I mind in my life?
I raise this question because I really want to have some time for myself
Wonder why do I say so?
It's because I used to spent a lot of time helping my dad.
I wish I could lower my dad's burden until one day I realize can rarely find what I am I looking for in my life.

This makes me feel bad.
I never think of spending some time alone.
I insist to come home every weekend if there are no curriculum during my early years of college life. 
Every weekend I will give all my time to my parents to do housework and other stuff.
When it comes to my ownself, I can tell that I don't have anytime to do my hobby. 

Briefly mention about things I love to do here.

I love:-
- D.I.Y
- Baking
- Travels
- Dancing
- Outdoor activities
- Making up new friends

and many more.......

Currently, I've sign myself up on Pinterest
A website for people to share and save creative ideas on a lot of different stuff
Guess there will be my new playground for me to stay whole day whole night

Stay tuned for more amazing idea about D.I.Y

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Welcome back !

Oh my God, it's been a really long while !
I never thought I will be coming back to this blog.
Luckily my pet fish on the bottom of my blog page didn't die of hunger haha
Whoever are reading this please go and feed my pet fish RIGHT NOW
thank you :D

Alright, back to me now.
Story about how did I started my blog.
This was the place I used to express my feelings where I have no where to express
I was influenced by my friends to set up a blog.
As on the right hand side of my post, there's a column where I keep my buddies.
But guess they're no longer active since everyone has grown up and busy for their own life.

Reading back my old posts makes me feel so dumb hahha
The last update was 30th January 2013
It's been 2 years back..
Time flies
I remember I have a few loyal readers who will read every single of my post and talk to me.
I miss them..

Now I wish I can utilize this blog to do something I like.

Everybody, I'm back!

this is the first photo I use this blog