Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Recently, I've been taking some time to think about myself.
What matter do I mind in my life?
I raise this question because I really want to have some time for myself
Wonder why do I say so?
It's because I used to spent a lot of time helping my dad.
I wish I could lower my dad's burden until one day I realize can rarely find what I am I looking for in my life.

This makes me feel bad.
I never think of spending some time alone.
I insist to come home every weekend if there are no curriculum during my early years of college life. 
Every weekend I will give all my time to my parents to do housework and other stuff.
When it comes to my ownself, I can tell that I don't have anytime to do my hobby. 

Briefly mention about things I love to do here.

I love:-
- D.I.Y
- Baking
- Travels
- Dancing
- Outdoor activities
- Making up new friends

and many more.......

Currently, I've sign myself up on Pinterest
A website for people to share and save creative ideas on a lot of different stuff
Guess there will be my new playground for me to stay whole day whole night

Stay tuned for more amazing idea about D.I.Y

Thanks for reading :)

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