Thursday, December 29, 2011

mad !

You cannot fully trust on a person
If you do, you might fall into her/him

When I'm trying to trust on a person
The person always disappointed me.
I was like : maiputoh, why you treat me like this?!

What you see ain't what it is
What you wear ain't what you are
What you listen ain't all truth
Life is fcking interest, there's always many unexpected things will happen.

Sometimes I just want to have some trustful partner in life
no matter girls or boys
as long as they can listen to me, hold me when I'm upset, hug me when I'm crying, cheer with me when I'm happy.
It's enough.
If you never meet a person so caring to you, you will never know how good it is.
The relationship is priceless.

I don't give a damn on someone try to betray me
go ahead
go long piak and die
I don't care .....

Good bye, stupid.

I believe I will find a new one, you are old and slowly fade out in my life.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


say Hi once a long while

‘hi, long time no see...’
we repeat this for million times in our lifetime.
how many people we can meet in this short life?
how many times we can meet a same people in a lifetime?
If you can meet a person almost everyday, appreciate !

Speak is always easy than take action
I always says that I want to how how how but then....
I do the different things -o-

I thought I am so strong, but I am not when I'm with you.
or even without you
when you are here, I wish you can carry all things for me
when you are not here, I will gone mad LOL
I rely on you
You gave me the sense of secure.
I love the time when we spend our time together.
I need you when I'm upset
of course, and also when I'm happy
but I just worry what if I am disturbing you....

It's hard to slim down hahahahhahahha
I'm fat and I know it.

well, this post I just want to show my emo-ness XD
saja saja
thank's for view this lame post ><

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A short holiday..

Hey, love.
I'm here to talk about the fun I had with these cute lil boys and girls
They visit the lovely island : Penang Island
and I join them to have fun
It's great to know them

the people I join those days are :
my babe Shinlian
two pretty girls YeeAnne & XiWen
two lil boys WeiHan & Ziee
and also an old friend JiaYan

wanna upload some memorable photo :)

YeeAnne :)

oh, my baby hahaha

with WeiHan :)

opps, gotcha ! x)

the 'ok' boy Ziee

three of us ;)


always ♥

3 girls

again YeeEn&YeeAne



I'm the one burried in sand haha
from the left: WeiHan, YeeAnne, XiWen, JiaYan, Ziee, ShinLian.

I only realize I didn't take any picture with XiWen :(
Jetski is the most interesting water game I had played.
I wish for the second time
we went bar, beach and shopping mall :D
I love it and miss it !

hmm, I'm facing a problem.
I'm over weight!!
I am 50++ kg
it kills me..
the fat is too heavy to carry :O
starting my diet plan....
Wish I can success :)
without workout.......hahahahhahaha

Saturday, December 17, 2011

am I ?

I was crying all along the journey when I back to hometown
I wonder what's the reason makes me keep crying
thinking is that the reason?

since I back to my hostel after class
I feels so bad
and I remember mama had told me:
'come back home whenever you feel bad at outside'
this sentence comes to my mind when I can't stop crying
luckily my friends were going back so I can back together
along the journey, I just can't stop my tears

then, finally I talk to my friend about the reason
it is just maybe..
but I think that must be the reason
I was suffer in the relationship :(
and I act out so weak when he is not around
I shouldn't be so reliable eventhough he's not with me
maybe I'm just a companion for him when he's alone
maybe I take it too serious
maybe I shouldn't think too much
it kills my brain cells

one sentence from my friend, makes me cry out louder
I'm not going to reveal what he'd said to me
then, he said: after cry should be nothing; it already happened.
hell yeah !
It already happened !
What to do :o

these days let me think properly
I should stand up by myself
don't rely on others !
My friend said I shouldn't be so weak ;(
I also not willing to be like this
just uncontrolled
I wish I can be more independent

Thursday, December 15, 2011


hahah, I went to club
I was having a lot of fun over there
saw many people that I know :D

gonna sleep now.
got class later @.@
good night, love.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Happy moment wouldn't last long
is that true ?

Recently I always sigh...
I wonder what's the reason I sigh
is it because of him?
his fx ex is annoying
do not appreciate when she got him
and now keep disturbing..
I just can see but can do nothing :(
*heart broken*
Now I wanna act evil, I wanna tear them off.

I walk into a strange world..
I don't know everything about there
It's strange for me
he show up and guide me along there
I feel I can't live without him
and I did told him with joking face
acting like didn't take that seriously

I always will think too much when you are not around with me

well, stop talking about him.
Final is around the corner, I wish this semester I can score well
at least better than last semester please
I just helped two of my baby tie their hair
both of them going to attend a friend's birthday party
she said I got potential to be a mum LOL
not true not true

upload a photo here :)
they look cute :D

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A wonderful day ^^

hey, readers.
Today is great :)

what in my previous post all are nonsense ><
I think too much last night
He did make a decision
and his girlfriend also good to him
they will be friend
I know through reading his phone's message.
I just can't stop checking his inbox XD
I will change this bad attitude
I'm not sure this is good news or bad news for me.
babes, listen to me.
I neither ask him to break up with his girlfriend nor hook up with me
I just ask him to make a decision, don't be blurring
It is just an advise, as a good friend.

Today's test I score the highest marks in class :D
I did the greatest one ! even thou is only 30 marks over 40 marks
I found out someone in my class like to cheating in exam ..
hmm, I kinda hate this kind of people.
the score much more higher than the others.. damn !
I accidentally point her out during conversation with my classmates
I guess she heard that
never mind, what I've spoken out were truth.
no guilty

After the test, before I leave college, I saw him !
hahaha, what a great day I have !!!!
omg, I was like hopping hardly and keep shaking my friend's hand.

I did have a great Wednesday
How about you ? ;)

I am not a good character.

I become worst
become the one who I don't want to be

hell yeah, it's hard to found out yourself are fault when you're doing it.
I should focus on my studies. 
no one will die without anyone
I think I can be independent
Even though I am satisfy with this life partner but I think he is not the suitable one.

We are different
It's like what he had told his girlfriend.
during the time his girlfriend and him argue, I don't mind to spend my days with him.
Talk everything all the time.
without worries, without embarrass.
Like a very good friends
I thought the relation can keep going like this.
It's not exactly what I thought will happen in the reality.
The reality is stupid.

The days we are together is happy, the relation changed.
transform in much more better one.
I guess you know how was it.
I found his defect.
He is a person who cannot make a decision.
This not only make himself suffer in the situation, maybe he don't know the others also will suffer in this.
It is hurt......

I don't know how to handle this type of relationship
I wish he can make a decision
No matter the decision is good to me or not, I still will wish him luck
and keep some distance with him
I guess this is what I should do :(
besides of this, I really I should face him with what character..........