Wednesday, July 25, 2012

it getting closer...

Today got presentation, but I haven't memorize yet lol
getting lazier and lazier...
final is around the corner...
I started to skip classes...
I just lazy to walk to class, it takes 10 minutes to reach :/
and I'm alone all the way :(
I don't like that feeling...

godamn....I didn't rest early these days...
I don't like it.
it makes me feel even tired in the day time...
daddy wanna get me a new phone, I hope he keep his promise
too bad...I grow up so old still need daddy spend so much so me....
I don't like this..

I kinda enjoy my life these days...
eat well play well sleep well but not study well..
start revision !!!!!!
faster !!! LOL
stop here, bye readers :)

I got lots of picture but camera is not with me now..
will upload them next time :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Time fliesss..

Hi, I didn't update my blog for months
sorry for that
here I am to update it.

well, actually I'm not trying to gain readership here
I just record my life here while I still remember it.
you know, sometimes I don't have a laptop with me and that's difficult to let me update my blog.

hmm, talk about my recent's activities....
I dance on every Wednesday as previous month
oh ya, I add on one more activity that is swimming!
haha, recently swim quite often.
I enjoy myself when I'm in the water
of course, not the drowning part ><
I'm still a beginner yet..
even I'm not good in swimming but I find it interesting

after party months, I've stop to go to any club
It's crazy to visit club every week
I'm fed up
it's enough for me.
Now I think back the time, it's horrible.
how can I attend whole day classes and then go to club after that?
I don't even take a nap between it all.
Crazy party girl.....
and now it's over
every new things, I have to overtake it until I afraid of it.
I must tried up 10 up to 20 times only I can control myself.
stupid enough!!
good also, at least I can control myself

I wanna throw away the old me and start it all over
I find my life goals
I finally know how and what should I do at what time.
and I seriously know that I have some changes this years
thank's for all people around me.
Even though there are many things happen in this year, but I'm happy with that
I grow up a little by little because of those matters
and now I turn into this me.
I can say I've experience many things
at least more than the other that same age with me.
I'm not this strong before, but now I have to be strong
only late night can bring my tears out
I admit. I do not do well in communication.
I will not clarify for myself even the others misunderstand me.
I live the way much into my own world.
but I am happy with that.
at least it's better than I have to worry how people think about me everyday

woahhhh, this is a long post. I gonna end this with some photos ;)

with my babe

self-portrait :)

quite a time ago haha

#nowplaying: A-Lin 《等你》

yeeen xoxo ♥