Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Holiday finished.
Time to vvake up myself and prepare for nevv semester.

Damn the 'double U' on my keyboard is spoil.
I'm novv using double v to pretend as I still have the 'double U' :(
you knovv double u?
vvell, keep reading fluently like: double u double u double u....
get it ?

Alright, I did have a vvonderful holidays, haha.
I've visited Genting Highlands vvith four friends, Kuala Lumpur vvith Zilin and met Lian, then Melaka vvith Zilin and met CheeFei.
I get knovv 2 nevv friends at Melaka vvhich name JiaHao and YouHao
friends over there bring us around
vve've tried a lot of food over there :D
A lot of photos to upload...

trip begun...

us in the plane :)

food in Kuala Lumpur.
I didn't take much picture in  K.L.

a little thing use to access LRT vvhen I don't have touch&go card 

the tbs so clean and big.

the ticket to Melaka from TBS *ps* my name printed on :D

the us vvith our ticket to Melaka

First food in melaka :)

Church !!

the vvish vvell

the vievv from top

lovely blue sky

the unique design vvith cobblestone

the famous Melaka crepes and Melaka shake.
I love it!

the river vievv

entering the street.

first snack on the street. it taste sour >< 中国沙梨

the cendol~

I love MONEY hahaha

The antique..

Mr. muscle blah blah blah..

durian puff finished in one mouth *yumyum*

funny otak-otak uncle hah ;D

guess vvhat?! old time ice stick :D

this call 算盘子!taste like taroballs but it's fry one. made from yam.

this not-so-yummy thing cost me Rm 8
but it is special because you can choose your favourite fruit to blend it to be your ovvn flavour ice-cream.

the vegetarian fried mushroom 

香港钵仔糕~ hee..

the dimsum O-O so many!

this cute egg is tasty :D actually it is an ice-cream

臭豆腐, 臭till I really cannot eat ( ╯﹏╰)

the flovver bike :)

hovv they knovv ? hahahahha

Jonker Street; Guy Street.

the cafe vvith selling local products in affordable price!

This thing makes me die of missing it ! Durian Cendol! super nice(¯﹃¯)

us :)

Cute stool vvith painted cartoons

this tough vvoman is cool

the day vievv of 鸡场街

I like this 

this look old but......

this one look so class

nyonya laksa- must try :) at Jonker 88

the indian girl dravv on her hand

and also me :)

the ship museum 

us again

Rosella drinks

opps, it's peeling ><
first try!

nice egg tart from Yeast Pastry House

the famous satay celup !! I vvant more~~

The Mahkota Parade

Firevvorks vvhile vvaiting car to go back

the club is just avvesome!!

It's on the third floor.


this thingy is delicious

I see sticky rice under it. it taste really good

the place vve stay

toys of my nevv friend :)

chilling vvhile vvait for plane at airport........

earing from Jonker Street

hand of both us, I simply like it!

three of us go to cinema and vvatch Titanic in 3D and The Vovv

Four girls to Genting trip, and also a boy, he is not in the photo :/

before the 4D movie started...

us vvith the flovver given by clovvn in the theme park :D

HAHAHAHAHA this is so hahahahha XD

our heavy luggage and fevv local products

trip ended.....

I take one day to done this blog update -o-
those photos take long time to upload
some more...
I playing other things vvhile updating hahahha

Holidays ended....
Nevv semester started..
no more day dream...
Fight hard for this semester!!!

ahha, got something to report!
Today, my result of semester three is release.
I quite satisfy vvith it :D
but I believe I can improve more for next time.
not high but standard level, I get 3.4 gpa and 3.0 for cgpa
I vvill keep on pull it higher

I guess this is the longest post I ever posted.
Hope you guys vvon't feel annoying but enjoy :) ♥