Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This is an update for 29th of January 2013

Today, is the first time he didn't make his promise.
Even thou it is just a small matter
but I just can't forget it like this
this makes me think that is it I care matters between us more than he care?
I don't like this feeling

I ever told him that I don't hope this will happen
but yet, it still happen
what worse?
is he don't even notice that he had broke his promise to me.
I don't want to be an annoying nagging lady
end up I tell him : nothing.

Actually I asked him when can I see him last night
and he said today.
I asked again and he confirmed to me
but today...
I don't know he was so busy until he forgot everything.
or I am not important at all.

I feel bad this night.
absolutely bad.
I will never take your promise seriously.
It just makes me feel even worst.

I've learn a lesson today
thank you .

A big disappointment !

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